The best introduction to the sport of cheer-leading, allowing athletes to work their way through grades, learn routines and perform at in-house parent showcases. CheerFUN is a great way for kids to learn in a safe, positive environment, to be praised for their efforts and recognised for their hard work while celebrating mistakes as learning opportunities.

Cost $15.00/week/term (tuition only) + GST
Uniform Training uniforms can be purchased from the office – enquire at the office for pricing.
Commitment 1x 1hr class per week
Class Options Ages 5-9yrs & 10-19yrs

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A great introduction to the super fun and glam world of competitive cheer-leading. Athletes will work their way through Grades 1-6, learn routines and perform at a competition. Our CheerSPORT classes takes acrobatics, gymnastics tumbles, jumps, dance and puts it all into one competitive performance routine, while still maintaining the balance of fun.

Cost $19.50/week/term (includes tuition, choreography, music & 1 comp entry fee) + GST
Uniform Team Jersey $45
Commitment 1x 1.5hr class per week
Class Options Ages 5-9yrs & 10-18yrs

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These classes are for athletes who want to further develop their personal skills outside of team tumble requirements, or who may need some extra help with their tumbling skills. The focus is on correct body alignment, correct technique and drills. Report cards will be updated each term on your parent portal to help keep track of your child’s progression.

Cost $9/week/full term for cheerleaders + GST
$18.40/week/full term for non members incl GST
$25 drop in casual rate + GST
Uniform Training uniforms can be purchased from the office – enquire at the office for pricing.
Commitment 1x 1hr per week
Class Options Level 1-4

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Our super fun, glam, competitive program, CheerELITE allows teams to compete at a national and international level.

It provides opportunities for both the individual athlete and teams, with a focus on the journey of the athlete and not just the trophy. We emphasise a positive mind growth, resilience, responsibility, determination and that hard work pays off.

Get in touch for more info on costs and class options.

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Bay City Cheerleaders is a place where kids of all ages and abilities learn to jump, stunt, tumble and dance. This is a gym where creativity, individuality and teamwork is encouraged and has a community of coaches, athletes and families who are passionate about cheer sports.

Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our athletes and families from the minute you walk through our doors. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all athletes and inspire a love and appreciation of cheerleading and all that it encompasses. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all athletes can feel empowered, comfortable, free to express themselves, and trust in others.

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    Bay City Cheerleaders
    Bay City Cheerleaders is in Tauranga, New Zealand.2 weeks ago
    Tauranga, New Zealand
    When things don’t always go the way you had planned you can either give up or get back up.
    This team showed so much heart by getting back up on the floor.
    We have the most amazing cheer community and we are so grateful to all the wonderful cheerleaders, coaches, parents, supporters, judges and event organisers for supporting our kids through a really rough time on stage.
    We are truly humbled by your cheers of support for our kids. (Sorry if we missed anyone in our tags)
    @allstarnz @avalanchecheerleading @alphacheernz @baytwistersnz @battleinthebay @bigaircheer @cheeraddiction___ @cheerdynamix007 @empireathleticsnz @electrixcheersport @ignitecheernz @platinum.elitenz @uoaca_phoenix @zerogravitycheer
    Bay City Cheerleaders
    Bay City Cheerleaders is in Papamoa.2 weeks ago
    Here comes the comp spam
    Junior Elite
    Results 🥉out of a huge division .
    Zero deductions.
    These sweeties performed their heart out and put on such an amazing performance. Was a real crowd pleaser
    Thanks @battleinthebay for having us and congratulations to all the other teams
    #cheer #cheerleader
    Bay City Cheerleaders
    Bay City Cheerleaders is at Trustpower Baypark.2 weeks ago
    Trustpower Baypark
    Next comp underway.
    Specialties have competed
    Next up Junior and Senior elite.
    #cheer #cheerleader #comp #cheercompetition
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